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Accounts Receivable Through Banking Institutions

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Application for Temporary Employment of Workers

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* Please fill in the form and hand it into the City Hall offices.

Green Point

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Medical Service Household

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Taxation Objection

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* Any objection must be written, within the date determined by the Municipality, submitting the necessary supporting documents.


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SEPA Direct

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Tobacco Sales License

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Alcoholic Beverages License

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Certificate of Property
for purposes of Transfer/Licensing

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Authorization of a Natural Person to Conduct Transactions with the Municipality through a Representative

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The power of the Municipalities to impose the fees mentioned in this chapter, derives from the Law on Municipalities Law N. 111/85, with the exception of the cemetery fee, which is imposed based on the Law on Cemeteries (Burial and Exhumation) Law of 2004, N 257 (I) / 2004.

Waste Collection Fee


This fee is compensatory for the service provided and is imposed on the tenant of the premises, regardless of whether he/she is the owner or not.

The law sets fee ceilings for residential properties and for the various categories of commercial properties and the Municipal Council determines each year the rate of increase of the fee for each case, taking into account certain criteria.

The garbage fee of the Municipality of Dromolaxia-Meneou (for the year 2018) for permanent residents has been set by the Municipal Council at € 170 with the exception of the following categories:

Special Categories of Institutions

Large families (with 4 dependent children) - €150
Single Parent Families with an income of less than € 10,800/year - €130
Solitary - €130
Recipients of Public Aid with income up to € 10,800/year - €130
Unemployed - €130
Retirees - 10% of monthly family income
Part-Year Residents - €130
Elderly over 80 years old - €0
Empty property / house - €0

* The minimum garbage fee is set at €50 / year regardless of income.

The garbage fee is payable every year until the 31st of December. An additional charge of 10% is imposed to late payments.

Property Fees

This fee is based on the value of the property located within the boundaries of the Municipality, as estimated by the Department of Lands and Surveys at 2013 prices.

A personal notice is send to each owner early every year by the Municipality, informing him/her of both the amount of the fee due for the current year and the last date of his/her payment, and at the same time publishing a relevant notification in the press for general information.

Failure to pay the fee on time implies an additional charge equal to 10% of the fee.

Anyone who does not receive a personal notice is not exempt from paying this fee and is urged to contact the Municipality for timely settlement of his debt and for verification of his postal address, which may not be properly registered in the registers.

Cemetery Fee

The cemetery fee is imposed only on permanent residents of the Municipality of Dromolaxia-Meneou. The cemetery tax is payable until the 31st of December. An additional charge of 20% is imposed to late payments.


Medical Service Household

The free home care service has began in the Municipality of Dromolaxia-Meneou. This service aims to support vulnerable groups of people like bedridden or with limited mobility due to various health problems.

Beneficiaries must:

- Be holders of a free Hospital A Card
- Provide a complete medical referral from a government physician.
You can print the medical referral
- Be over 18 years old.

For more information, you can call at 
24 422 414.

Medical Service Household


Advertising of any type and size on a private billboard or at a workplace and the erection or installation of a private billboard requires the prior approval of the Municipality.

An application must be submitted to the Municipality in the form specified. The City Council, taking into account all relevant factors, has the power to approve or reject an application and to impose on any license that issues the conditions it deems appropriate.

The license fee payable is based on each case. Indicatively, the prices for the erection or installation of large billboards are:

  • Up to 12 m² double-sided: €1.200 / year

  • More than 12 sq. Meters. double-sided: €1.600 / year

  • Extra-large signposts: €3.200 / year

Indicatively, the prices for the erection or placement of billboards at the stand of the Municipality are:

  • At the Eleftherias Avenue (Sklavenitis Traffic Lights), 28th October Street (Panorio) and Arch. Makarios Avenue (Kyparissia – Kiosk Stop): €200 / year for each sign.

  • At Agios Panteleimonos Avenue (near City Hall) and Timios Prodromos Avenue (Dromolaxia Village Bridge): €100 / year for each sign.

Stand Ads Dimensions: 151cm x 40cm

* The costs of manufacturing the billboard are the sole responsibility of the owner.


SEPA Direct Debit

Direct Debit (Direct Debit) is a payment order from a customer (Payer) in the form of Direct Debit Mandate (Direct Debit Mandate), provided to the creditor organization / service provider (Beneficiary Payment - Municipality of Dromolaxia-Meneou). The Direct Debit Order allows the payment of the Payer's account by its creditor organization for floating or fixed amounts requested by the Beneficiary at predetermined intervals. The main difference between a standing order and a Direct Debit is that the standing order is settled by the Payer and is for a fixed amount, while the Direct Debit is determined and collected by the Beneficiary for an amount not known by in advance.

The SEPA Direct Debit scheme is a pan-European service introduced by the European Payments Council (EPC) that allows customers to pay for goods or services throughout the SEPA region (EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) using a standard Instant Product Billing, easily, securely and efficiently.

If you want to create an Immediate Charge for the payment of water supply bills, taxes and generally all your debts to the Municipality, you must give an Immediate Debit Order directly to the Municipality of Dromolaxia-Meneou by completing the following application and submitting it to the Accounting Department of the Municipality. along with a copy of your ID and IBAN account of your personal bank.


- Simple and secure way to pay your bills
- There is no risk of delays or delays in your payments
- Better control of your receipts and reduced costs by restricting travel
- If you do not agree with the SEPA Direct DEBID settled from your account you can very quickly and easily request a refund

SEPA Direct Debit payments are free of charge.


SEPA Direct Debit
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